Finnish News Agency (STT) – EU – How the EU Plans to Stimulate Growth for Entrepreneurs

Keystone (SDA) – GA PLEN – Carbon Emissions and Sea Levels

The issue of carbon emissions is highly noticeable today. Many countries have solutions Such as renewable energy. The renewable energy used is varying in different countries. Bard and the UK all have decided to use nonfossil fuels to lower CO2 emissions. Canada also has made the decision to eliminate all fossil fuels and create seawalls

KYODO News – GA 4 – The Space Race has Only Just Begun

The historical ‘space race’ was a time in the world when nations competed to be the first to obtain spaceflight capability. As time progressed and the United States manned the moon, 15 nations, including Japan, joined to create the International Space Station (ISS), the largest space manned facility in human history. Japan’s crucial contribution to

Belarus News – GA 6 – Into Space

The SPECPOL committee kicked off today with its focus on space exploration, extraterrestrial land distribution, and the division of extraterrestrial resources. A Belarus News reporter acquired the Belarus delegate’s stance on resource distribution. “The nation of Belarus believes that through the expansion of the outer space treaty, the UN can prevent the weaponization of resources

Jordan News Agency – UNHCR – Health is Wealth!

During the UNHCR committee, refugees seemed to be the main point of interest, particularly their healthcare. Many countries worked to find ways to facilitate healthcare in refugee camps. Two countries, in particular, seem to have an influx of refugees; Jordan has taken in Syrian refugees and Israel is receiving  Ukrainian refugees. After speaking to the

Rastriya Samachar Smiti – ILO – Australia vs. the UN: Sustainability

For many years, Nepal, along with major countries such as China and Russia, have been planning to convert many international companies to ensure more sustainable ways of procuring success for their companies. While in ILO, the belt and road initiative was brought up by the Chinese delegate. This initiative follows similar trends and paths as