Putting Pages on Pages

Putting Pages on Pages

Press Trust of India, News24, Austria Presse Agentur | Pages Throughout the busy halls of the assembly, while countries are collaborating on the world’s crises, they are busy at work navigating the valleys of stairs that separate each country.  They are the backbone, the underdog, the mailmen of the whole organization. They are the Pages.

Kuwait News Agency | CSTD | Farming remains relevant in CSTD

October 15th, 2019 | In a continuation of the unusual events of yesterday in CSTD, “bug farms” remain a hotly debated point of discussion among the delegates present. This topic has persisted over two entire sessions with no signs of growing stale. However “bug farming” wasn’t the only type of farming up for debate. Canada

Polska Agencja Prasowa | IMO | Agreement in the CTSD

October 15th, 2019 | In a surprising turn of events, the delegates of the CTSD committee have been working together to produce one draft resolution on the topic of Leveraging Emerging Technology to Improve Food Security. All of the delegates have been working on individual working papers that the delegates have decided to pass in

Polska Agencja Prasowa | PLEN | North Korea’s Ploy to Relieve Sanctions

October 15th, 2019 | In the Plenary committee, North Korea has suggested the elimination of all trade sanctions on their country.  This committee is currently discussing water security; trade interdiction sanctions are a vital part of these issues. These sanctions disallow countries across the globe from importing certain goods, in this case, water. North Korea

BBC | GA4 | The United Kingdom leads efforts on inclusivity in global trade by reducing nautical borders to create shared economic zones

October 15th, 2019 | In order to promote economic equity, the United Kingdom, along with the Russian Federation, the Republic of South Korea, and Lebanon, have proposed creating “shared economic zones” by reducing maritime free trade restrictions and limiting the nautical boundaries of countries that border the sea. When proposed, this idea garnered an extreme