Belarus News – GA 6 – Into Space

The SPECPOL committee kicked off today with its focus on space exploration, extraterrestrial land distribution, and the division of extraterrestrial resources. A Belarus News reporter acquired the Belarus delegate’s stance on resource distribution. “The nation of Belarus believes that through the expansion of the outer space treaty, the UN can prevent the weaponization of resources gained in outer space, extraterrestrial and celestial,” The delegate from Belarus espoused. When asked how resources should be fairly distributed in the case of trillions of kilograms of metal found in space debris, the Bulrusian delegate argued that resources found in space should be equally distributed based on if a country is less-developed or more developed. 

The delegate continued asserting, “As of right now, there are so many countries that do not have an active space program, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch up with.” 

The Belarus delegation is working to highlight the growing disparity between western countries and the rest of the developing world. “Space is an increasingly important objective for technological development.” The Belarusian delegate concluded during the unmoderated caucus as other delegates focused on the possibilities of further developing defense systems to use against asteroids.

 In response to the Vietnam delegate’s proposed missile defense tactics, other delegates argued that the use of such a development  in space could lead to the development of a “Space War.” Tension arose between the delegates over the future and importance of extraterrestrial developments.