Jordan News Agency – ILO – Making International Companies Sustainable

As the imminent threat of global warming draws nigh, the race to healthier earth gets even more intense. Sustainability has become a much more pressing issue, even in industry. During the committee involving the International Labor Organization (ILO), sustainability within international companies was the main topic discussed. A frequently suggested solution was the creation of databases to monitor the effect that these companies have on the environment in the process of pursuing their business interests. The countries gathered in this committee plan to collaborate in order to manage the negative effect international companies have on the environment.
      Another main idea includes the construction of sustainable infrastructure in which these companies are able to work. This way, economies, and businesses have the ability to thrive as they cross over to more sustainable methods. Even a proposal to make the Belton Road initiative more environmentally friendly was brought up. This conference has had many conversations revolving around the environment, showing that the world is ready to maintain the abundance our planet has to offer.