AFRICAN UNION (All levels, Mid-sized)

TOPIC 1: Self-Dependency and Stability in the African Continent

The African continent faces numerous challenges to achieving self-dependency and stability, including poverty, conflict, corruption, and inadequate infrastructure. These challenges limit the potential for economic growth and social development, while also contributing to regional and global insecurity. This committee focuses on the need for increased investment in sustainable development, education, and governance, as well as greater international cooperation and support, to promote self-dependency and stability in Africa.

TOPIC 2: The State of Climate in Africa

“Climate change is having significant impacts on the African continent, including increased frequency and severity of droughts, floods, and other extreme weather events. These impacts threaten food security, public health, and economic stability, particularly for vulnerable populations. This committee hopes to address effective climate adaptation and mitigation measures, including sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and disaster preparedness, as well as increased international support for climate action in Africa.”