Australian Broadcasting Corporation – GA 6 – Distrust with Deepfakes

Deepfakes, though have been a significant issue for years, are now being used to violate the personality rights of citizens. Due to this, legality arguments and debates over policy for deep fakes are arising. The general consensus to prevent these deepfakes is not to place a policy to completely ban them, but rather to place countermeasures, and punishments, and protect against them. Debating over policy to ban deepfakes would merely be wasting time because “bad people will do bad things, regardless of legality” (Delegate of Zambia – GA 6). Countries such as India, have proposed the plan, “CLAP”, which lacks proactive measures, while nations such as the Netherlands have proposed the plan, “CRASH”, which lacks education standards for deepfakes. Australia believes in the shared strategic plan, “CLASH + PREP”, which is a combination of both the given plans. With (C)ollaboration, (L)egislation, (A)ccountability, and (S)hared and (H)olistic approach (CLASH) being response measures, in addition to (P)rotection, (R)estriction, (E)nforcement, (P)revention being proactive prevention measures. The plan “CLASH + PREP” combines the best of each plan, while resolving the underlying issues of both plans. Australia believes in keeping a safe and tech-savy environment for its citizens, which the proposed plan “CLASH + PREP” aims to do.