Ethiopian News Agency – ILO – Can Ethiopia be Sustainable with the Help of the ILO?

Sustainability- is a prevalent issue now due to the environmental issues we have been seeing in the past decade. If there was one word for the international labor union right now it would be chaos. After Croatia’s motion for fifteen minutes of silence at the beginning of sessions members knew this would not be an easy session. Of the many plans proposed, tax cuts were one of them. These tax cuts would directly affect businesses choosing to be sustainable. Australia was a major piece of this proposal. However, what did not cross Australia’s mind was developing countries. 

Ethiopia is working alongside China, Sub-Sahara Africa, and South American countries to help create a more sufficient plan that would help countries like our own. This plan is known as the SPEKS plan and is still in the works. Ethiopia and Egypt plan to lead this proposal. What does it consist of? SPEKS promotes the idea of sustainability but looks for more developed countries to help support sustainability in lesser developed countries. Sustainability can be a new normal if SPEKS is passed, however, if we allow Australia to determine our plan of action we will not see an increase in companies using sustainable actions.