2024 Secretariat

Secretary-General: Jonah Isaza

(he/him), 3rd year

Hello! I’m Jonah, a 3rd year AE major and your secretary-general for GTMUN XXV. I’m incredibly excited to bring GTMUN to the next level with new crisis and experimental committees. Outside of GTMUN, I’m a team lead of the Yellow Jacket Space Program and I enjoy hanging out with my friends, building rockets, and watching movies. 

I am so pleased to be working with a talented Secretariat this year:

Policy Team

USG of Policy: Isaac Song

AUSG of Policy: Parker Alderman

Hey y’all! My name’s Parker Alderman, a third-year International Affairs and Modern Languages: German major and one of the Policy AUSGs for this year’s conference! I’m extremely excited to see all the hard work everyone has contributed come to fruition in a conference that you all thrive in and enjoy. In addition to participating in GTMUN, I am also a volunteer with the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center’s Q+ Chats and enjoy crocheting, hanging out with friends, and watching Marvel, DC, and anime. 

AUSG of Policy: Viki Rodriguez

(she/her), 4th year

AUSG of Policy: Simon Toney

(he/him), 2nd year

Hello! I’m Simon, a second-year mechanical engineer here at Georgia Tech. I’ve been involved with MUN for five years now and it’s one of my strongest passions. This is my second full year with GTMUN and I’m looking forward to stepping into some new roles beyond directing GTMUN XXIV’s CSTD committee and competing at TROJANMUN in LA last October. Augusta, Georgia—home of the Masters and the world’s one and only single-story Top Golf—is where I call home. Outside of MUN, I’m mainly busy learning what the heck being an engineer means, playing spikeball, building battlebots, playing my trumpet in a couple bands, winning board games, and various other nefarious activities. 

Admin Team

USG of Admin: Amith Shetty

(he/him), 3rd year

Hey everyone! My name’s Amith, a 3rd year CS Major from Mount Olive, New Jersey. I’m super excited to be your USG of Adminstration this year, and look forward to an awesome conference bringing in delegates from across the south. Outside of MUN, I like to run and hike around Atlanta, try out new restaurants, and hang out with friends. I also love finding new recipes and cooking overall.

AUSG of Admin: Katherine Book

(she/her), 5th year

Hey! My name is Katherine Book (she/her). I’m a 5th year biochemistry major with a health and medical sciences minor with an intended International Plan designation (I graduate this fall!). This is my fifth year in the GTMUN Program, and my fourth year on the GTMUN HS Secretariat. I also served as TechMUN’s Secretary-General for 2023. A bit about me: I’m from San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!) I love to travel! I studied abroad in Lyon, France, and in Barcelona, Spain. One of my bucket list items is to visit every continent (currently at 5!) On campus, you can find me in Greek life and the Public Health Student Association when I’m not doing MUN. My favorite committee to participate in is the World Health Organization!

AUSG of Admin: Neal Yates

(he/him), 3rd year

Hey guys! My name is Neal Yates and I’m a third-year International Affairs major, with a minor in Spanish. As a member of GTMUN, I try to broaden my horizons by being exposed to new ideas, viewpoints, and discussions, all of which are facilitated by my amazing teammates that provide for a wonderful experience. Outside of MUN, I enjoy spending time with my family by playing Scrabble, cards, or getting hooked on a new TV show. I also have fun playing and watching tennis, hanging out with my friends, and doing crosswords. I am an avid lover of tea and any correlated snack (shoutout Parle Gs). I look forward to working with all of you as an AUSG of Administration!

Director General

Director General: AJ Bohanon

(he/him), 3rd year

Hello! I’m AJ, a 3rd year Industrial Engineering major with a Spanish minor from Atlanta, and I am the director general for GTMUN XXV. After chairing the GA Plen committee in GTMUN XXIV, I am extremely excited to be running the 11 General Assemblies this year. This includes GTMUN’s first Spanish committee, the Organisation of American States, thus marking the first year that GTMUN is a bilingual conference! Outside of MUN, I love to travel to new places, and immerse myself in the history and local cuisine, play video games, and watch sports (Go Pack Go!). 

Assistant Director General: Kaeli Lawrence

(she/her), 2nd year

Hi everyone! I’m Kaeli, a 2nd year Public Policy major with a Law, Science, and Technology minor. At GTMUN XXIV, I was the Assistant Director for GA Plen and had so much fun, so I am super excited to be helping out with the General Assemblies this year! Besides MUN, I am an Ivan Allen College student ambassador, on the executive board for event planning on campus, and a part of the student government at Tech. I also love to watch new movies and find places to hike, kayak, and take pictures. 

Finance Team

USG of Finance: Anthony Zang

(she/her), 3rd year

AUSG of Finance: Chaise Lannaman

(she/her), 3rd year

Hey! My name is Chaise, a 3rd year Business Administration major with minors Chinese and International Affairs. While I’ll be abroad for the 2024-2025 school year, I’m excited to remotely work as a part of the GTMUN 2023 finance and admin staff! 

Press Corps Team

USG of Press Corps: Morgan Jihun

(he/him), 3rd year

Hi! My name is Morgan Kang and I am a third year History, Technology, and Society major! Outside of MUN, I am a part of the Ivan Allen Student Ambassadors and History and Sociology Club where I have the opportunity to contribute to expanding the liberal arts community at Tech! I also love super-long road trips (and the endless yelling-like singing that comes with it), listening to podcasts, and making fried potato balls! Most importantly, I am ecstatic to be your USG Press Corps for GTMUN 2024 and I cannot wait to see what yall will bring to the conference!

AUSG of Press Corps: Kieran Slattery

(he/him), 3rd year

Crisis Team

USG of Crisis: Ajay Taduri

(he/him), 2nd year

AUSG of Crisis: Gita Pavuluri

(she/her), 2nd year

AUSG Of Crisis: Sam Zhang

(he/him), 2nd year

AUSG of Crisis: Ebrahim Faizullabhoy

(he/him), 4th year

Logistics Team

USG of Logistics: Carissa Lucas

(she/her), 4th year

Hello, everyone! My name is Carissa, and I am a fourth year Biomedical Engineering student with a Computing and Intelligence minor. Outside of Tech, I do research at Emory University and volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium. I also enjoy hiking, scuba diving, and archery! I love to travel too, and I have studied abroad in France, Singapore, and Ireland and visited over 25 countries. I’m excited to work with you all to make this a wonderful conference!

AUSG of Logistics: Berlian Fu

(she/her), 3rd year

Greetings, everyone! My name is Berlian, and I am excited to be a part of this year’s logistics staff for GTMUN. I am a third year Biochemistry student here from Georgia with an interest in marine and ocean chemistry and research. I have recently done a study abroad trip this past summer traveling all across Europe, Germany in particular, and studying at Oxford. I look forward to bringing this conference to you all and hope you enjoy all the hard work we put into it!

AUSG of Logistics: Geoffrey Doleys

(he/him), 2nd year

Hey there! I’m Geoffrey, a 2nd year Economics and International Affairs major with a Japanese minor. I’m thrilled to be apart of the secretariat team this year and love doing logistics work for the conference. Outside of Tech, I am an avid soccer fan and love watching the Liverpool game every weekend! In my free time I also enjoy reading manga and spending time with my friends at GT! 

AUSG of logistics: Khushi Sharma

(she/her), 3rd year

Hey y’all! I’m Khushi, a 3rd year CS major at Tech and an (unofficial) member of GT’s Model UN program! During last year’s conference, I spent my time getting to know the rest of the team as a volunteer photographer, but I’m happy to report that I had both an amazing time and am back for more! In my free time, I enjoy trying a variety of new things and hanging out with my friends.

We’re all working hard to make this conference as rewarding and fun an experience for you as delegates and faculty as possible. I hope that you will join us in preparation and excitement for an amazing GTMUN HS 2024!