Latvian News Agency – UNHCR – Healthcare Infrastructure in Refugee Camps

Recent events occurring around the world have made refugee camps pop up more and more, especially in the neighboring countries of Ukraine in Europe. Many of these camps have become unsanitary and can house lots of bacteria and illnesses. Due to the war in Ukraine, many refugees have fled the country looking for a safe place to reside, so… they come to places like Lithuania, Macedonia, and Latvia. Many of the countries that house the most people from Ukraine are the smaller poor countries with not the best healthcare. The knowledge of advanced healthcare and the introduction of vaccines are great ways to improve this issue. When I spoke with a Latvian delegate, she stated that “Latvia and other Baltic states are the most susceptible and essentially victims to this problem.” She went on to say that “the best way to fix this is for the more advanced/wealthy countries to send medical and financial aid so that countries like us can put it towards the waves of new refugees coming in daily.”