Australian Broadcasting Corporation – UNHCR – Vaccine Distribution for Refugee Camps

The arising struggle to fight against disease can be combated with a vaccine distribution policy. Though many countries use vaccine diplomacy to further their political agenda, Australia amongst others truly desires to create herd immunity, in order to fight worldwide disease. With the status quo, countries such as Latvia are establishing vaccine infrastructure to further boost the health of its residents. The goals of the Philippines and Latvia specifically align with Australia because steps are being taken to ensure a safer planet. The Philippines aims to increase vaccine distribution, but also provide training, and quality healthcare workers to countries in need. Providing healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses not only directly benefits health care but also long-term education in medical health, which Australia aims to do. “Without proper health care education, the disease will continue to progress and has no chance to be stopped”, which is why the Philippines aims to create a beneficial medical environment directly correlates with that of Australia (Delegate of the Philippines – UNHCR). Vaccine distribution in refugee camps is critical because of the close-quarters contact, but also because of the sheer volume of refugees going in and out of these camps. By combining the goals of the Latvian infrastructure and the Philippines’ vaccine and healthcare education with the existing framework and goals of Australia, the world will be set up for exponential growth of vaccination rates. The mortality rate in these refugee camps will also vastly decrease because herd immunity would have been reached. In turn, vaccine distribution will decrease worldwide exposure to diseases.