Keystone (SDA) – GA PLEN – Carbon Emissions and Sea Levels

The issue of carbon emissions is highly noticeable today. Many countries have solutions Such as renewable energy. The renewable energy used is varying in different countries. Bard and the UK all have decided to use nonfossil fuels to lower CO2 emissions. Canada also has made the decision to eliminate all fossil fuels and create seawalls to prevent natural disasters from the waters. These natural disasters are caused by carbon emissions. Some countries have come up with the idea of the 3-pronged program. This program is made for the purpose to create architecturally efficient seawalls, and red cross shelters, and developing prediction technologies for natural disasters. In Switzerland, we have decided to make many partnerships with superpower countries to make sure that funding is provided. As Switzerland, we have also decided to use nonfossil fuels such as biofuel, hydroelectricity, and wind fuel.