Latvian News Agency – UN Woman – Establishing Equal Wages for the Female Labor Force

Gender equality throughout history has been a big thing. Today on the 18th of October, General Assembly United Nations discussed Establishing Equal Wages for the Female Labor Force. The facts are that women get paid less than men 75% of the time. And most if not all of the delegates in the room agree that this should not be tolerated. In Latvia, the legislation strictly stipulates equal rights for men and women, however, in certain areas of life situation for women and men is markedly different. When the Latvian delegate spoke in session. When china spoke, they made the UN aware of the ways that they were tackling gender inequality. They created a National program for women’s equality which works on lowering the income gap via the constitution and more. Although we all know that in china this program will probably get shut down by the CCP sometime soon because they are some shady individuals. Like this, but in all of Europe, a movement called the push was created for things like making companies prove that they are paying their workers that same amount of money. With more organizations being created to deal with issues like this, time will only tell how close we are to dealing with the differences when it comes to gender equality.