Finnish News Agency (STT) – EU – How the EU Plans to Stimulate Growth for Entrepreneurs

The Council of the European Union is presenting a united front on the topic of establishing support for entrepreneurs and small businesses in EU markets. With a Finnish delegate at the forefront, the committee is soon voting on a unified proposal – expected to be unanimously affirmed by the end of the session – called the Financial Equitability Regulatory Reformation Infrastructure Socioeconomic (FERRIS) Plan. With this plan, the delegation is tackling clean energy and support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) simultaneously. By imposing a variable tariff on nonrenewable resources, the committee plans to generate a new stream of income which can then be allocated to cleaner energy sources and stipend support for both existing SMEs and the generation of new ones. The FERRIS Plan, when implemented by all member countries of the European Union, will ultimately serve as equitability and environmental measure that stimulates economic diversity and promotes energy consciousness.

Further, the delegation has placed a specific emphasis on the maintenance of cooperation and collaboration between member nations when founding this plan. The relatively small size of the committee when placed on the grand scale of the United Nations has enabled the participants to ensure the benefit of each member country while still emphasizing the economic health of SMEs in the EU market. Under the FERRIS Plan, the EU has situated itself for progression across the board, preparing our countries for a better tomorrow.