Australian Broadcasting Corporation – GA 6 – Distrust with Deepfakes

Jordan News Agency – ILO – Making International Companies Sustainable

As the imminent threat of global warming draws nigh, the race to healthier earth gets even more intense. Sustainability has become a much more pressing issue, even in industry. During the committee involving the International Labor Organization (ILO), sustainability within international companies was the main topic discussed. A frequently suggested solution was the creation of

KYODO News – GA 6 – Bioterrorism: Who Has a Say?

Tensions within the United Nations LEGAL committee remained high, as the discussion of biochemical warfare and bioterrorism left nations assessing the implications of mitigation within displaced communities. Japanese allies Indonesia, and Macedonia worked together to pass an initiative  to mitigate the creation, storage, and usage of biological weapons in countries through a legal framework, including

Rastriya Samachar Samiti – GA 6 – Ohio as a Nation. 

While wrapping up the debate in GA 6 to publish their draft resolution,  the question of what qualifies one to be labeled as a “displaced person” arose, and the “Pushing P” initiative was passed. This was made to combat the safety of displaced communities in regard to bioterrorism. In this, it was decided that a

Xinhua News Agency -UNSECO – @France, We Want Our Drip Back

As this historical conference comes to a close, there are still some unanswered questions. In the UNESCO committee, the topic of Historical Monuments has given way to many old debates resurfacing. Particularly, the fact that many historical colonial powers still possess a significant amount of cultural artifacts from countries that were previously colonized. In the

Deutsche Welle – UNESCO – A Monumental Decision 

For different countries, the phrase “monument protection” evokes different feelings. As the press talked to countries in Europe and the West, delegates spoke of comprehensive initiatives which covered the “three Rs”, including revival, redistribution, and routine. To them, revival represented spearheading projects to restore the original glory of the monuments, redistribution meant obtaining government and

Ethiopian News Agency – SOCHUM – Controlling Countries and Resources 

Agriculture is an issue that affects everyone. Whether you are an agriculture-focused country or not. In the SOCHUM committee, each country was arguing for different rights and rules regarding the supply of food nutrition in rural areas and food deserts. Having these resources could aid in the hunger Ethiopians are struggling with daily, due to