TechMUN History

TechMUN is the GTMUN Program’s student-run Collegiate Conference. It is named not only for Georgia Tech, but also for its nature as a technology-friendly conference! GTMUN members combine the world of international affairs with our individual knowledge and experience from each each of Tech’s Colleges (Business, Computing, Design, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences) to achieve modernized solutions, following Georgia Tech’s motto, Progress and Service. We host TechMUN on our beautiful campus in Atlanta.

Each year, we strive to offer new, exciting topics from world of current events to fictional fantasy realms, the most recent technological inventions to important turning points in our history, and many other fields. TechMUN reflects the ideas, creations, and dedication of each Georgia Institute of Technology student.

The 2024 TechMUN Collegiate Conference will occur in Spring of 2024.
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