GA Plenary (Double Delegation, All levels, Large)

TOPIC 1: Social Inclusion of Human Technology for Disabled Peoples 

“Access to digital platforms can make it easier for individuals to learn, advance, and earn a living. Social Inclusion through technology helps people to overcome intellectual discrimination which is still a rampant problem around the world. This committee seeks to improve the quality of life for disabled individuals and promote greater equality and opportunities for all members of our global society.”

TOPIC 2: The Impact of Climate Change in the Pacific

“The Pacific region is highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change, with rising sea levels, more frequent and severe tropical cyclones, and increasing ocean temperatures posing significant threats to the region’s environment, economy, and social fabric. These changes are already causing erosion, flooding, coastal inundation, and the loss of marine ecosystems and biodiversity, which in turn is impacting food security, health, and cultural identity for Pacific Island communities. This committee will focus on the urgent need for coordinated action to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change in the Pacific.”