Rastriya Samachar Samiti – GA 6 – Ohio as a Nation. 

While wrapping up the debate in GA 6 to publish their draft resolution,  the question of what qualifies one to be labeled as a “displaced person” arose, and the “Pushing P” initiative was passed. This was made to combat the safety of displaced communities in regard to bioterrorism. In this, it was decided that a displaced person is defined under the UN definition as a refugee, and this is the community toward which the draft resolution was geared. While closing, it was discovered that a separate clause was written and overlooked but still in action. This was created by Macedonia and states that “Macedonia can take nukes from anyone in the un, including America and Russia.” With this in mind, Macedonia declared war on this clause in the approved paper. While it seemed as if the committee was closed, a heated debate began, “Is Ohio a nation?”