Rastriya Samachar Smiti – ILO – Australia vs. the UN: Sustainability

For many years, Nepal, along with major countries such as China and Russia, have been planning to convert many international companies to ensure more sustainable ways of procuring success for their companies. While in ILO, the belt and road initiative was brought up by the Chinese delegate. This initiative follows similar trends and paths as the once-massive silk road. The belt and road initiative would help to expand trade safely and help those nations, such as Nepal, grow while not harming both the environment and the economy. A vast majority of nearly all countries support this idea, helping with the sustainability of major companies. 

While in ILO, Australia began to wreak havoc, stating how all the proposed ideas, specifically by China, cannot be put into action. Therefore, they proposed many guidelines that began to not correlate with the ideas previously discussed in ILO and went as far as saying, “why would a company not want these guidelines.” China fought back quickly, and as an ally of China, we agree that Australia was being unjust in its reasoning, and the belt and road initiative should be used. The initiative would only help Nepal by expanding the economy sustainably, helping to advance our nation further.