GA 1: DISEC (All levels, Mid-sized)

TOPIC 1: Potential Risks of a Modern Space Race

“As countries around the world continue to invest in space exploration and technology, a new modern space race is emerging, fueled by competition between nations and the potential economic and strategic benefits of space dominance. While this competition has the potential to drive innovation and progress, it also presents a range of potential risks. This committee will focus on the need for careful consideration and management of the risks associated with a modern space race.”

TOPIC 2: The Issues of Arm Sales During War and Conflict

“The sale of arms and weapons during conflict raises a range of moral issues, including the ethical considerations of providing lethal weapons to parties engaged in violent conflict, the potential for arms sales to perpetuate and exacerbate conflicts, and the economic incentives that drive the arms trade. This committee focuses on the need for a solution to the potential hazards of arm sales during war and conflict, one that takes into account the complex ethical and moral considerations involved.”