Ethiopian News Agency – UNESCO – Let’s Solve a Drought

Drought. An issue we Ethiopians face daily, water is a necessity for our survival. Not only do we need water, but we need clean water. Thirty-two million people in Ethiopia are without water. However, as we speak the United Nations committee UNESCO is working on a solution to this fatal issue. Our number one ally Russia sat in on the committee and propped numerous plans to help deal with the issue of drought. Russia took a stance that any Ethiopian in their right mind would support. Water rights to all countries. Not only does Russia hope to educate their Ethiopian allies on clean water and drought, but also aids in supplying water and ending the drought in all of Africa. 

While sitting in on the committee Russia brought up a proposal that could aid in direct action in helping with drought and other water-related issues. A GIS system is a way to pinpoint the geographical regions suffering the most from drought issues. Our delegate believes that Russia’s idea could be vital in the aid of drought and water resources. Especially in a time of civil war, this could be extremely useful. Having help from other countries like Russia would be a great way to utilize our resources and end the issue of drought.