Ethiopian News Agency – GA PLEN – Safety of Coastal Cities for a Landlocked Country

Why does the integrity of coastal cities matter to a country like ours? Trade partners. We are a country that needs allies, and if supporting a bill that can help our allies is a possible option we should take it. One of our biggest trade partners, Somalia could be a major example of possible flooding and the integrity of coastal cities. We as a nation need to support those who support us. 

Many countries proposed a variety of plans regarding what steps should be taken to combat flooding, which the proposal goes through though is an urgent issue. Brazil’s proposal helped allied countries the most by using KEVA, a nonprofit organization to support funding for the safety of coastal cities. Not only this but, Brazil offered to loan out money and support to countries with no interest as well. Our Ethiopian delegate believes, “funding for trade partners and their coastal cities is important.” Although this issue may seem naive to us it is important to return the favor to our allies. This could even be an issue regarding not only alliances but trade in the future.