Neal Yates (he/him)

Hey guys! My name is Neal Yates and I’m a second-year International Affairs major, pursuing a minor in Spanish. As a member of GT’s Model United Nations Program, I try to broaden my horizons by being exposed to new ideas, viewpoints, and discussions, all of which are facilitated by my amazing supportive teammates that provide for a wonderful experience. Apart from MUN, I am also involved with the Cleanup Crew wherein we go around picking up trash every couple of weeks in attempts to provide for a better campus environment. I enjoy spending time with my family by playing Scrabble, cards, or getting hooked on a new TV show. I also have fun playing and watching tennis, hanging out with my friends, and doing crosswords. I am an avid lover of tea and any correlated snack, whether it be the heart-warming decadence of coffee cake and banana bread, or the classics of shortbread and Parle Gs.