Saudi Gazette | GA6 | South China Sea Disputes Regarding Solutions

Disputes over the South China Sea has been an ongoing problem, with China claiming that they have the ultimate right to the world trade route with proof of ancient documents. However, other countries such as Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam have all come forward demanding their rights to own part of the trade route. This ongoing problem has expanded into a global issue involving the opinions of countries who lead world trade such as the United States, Russia, and India. 

According to Sweden, the two main problems that need to be addressed when coming up with a viable solution to the South China Sea disputes are demilitarization and global prosperity for everybody. Most countries expressly stated that the demilitarization of China is the best way to progress through this problem, however, China is not willing to give up their rights and powers, whether it be land or sea, because they believe they are entitled to that prosperity. 

Outside countries have brought up the idea of including the United Nations in the debate of sea control in order to reduce the biased opinions of alliances to those Asian countries involved. China has not been encroaching on the territorial rights of others and has  been in control of surrounding areas.

Solutions such as including an incentive and creating trade barriers have also been brought up, however trade barriers will not only harm China’s economy but the rest of the world’s because ⅓ of all trade passes through the South China Sea. Partition of the South Sea so that everything including land and resources are equal is ideal, however it is almost impossible to achieve because China will not be content with a split power after decades of them having the sole control.