The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs draws on its unique setting at one of the world’s leading technological universities and on the unparalleled integrity and insight of the distinguished senator for which it is named to deliver innovative programs and cutting-edge research that integrate technology and the study of international affairs. At a time of rapid change, the School is dedicated to delivering programs in education, research, and public outreach that provide a greater understanding of factors that shape the world in which we live and work. The School strives to connect learning and experience through its interdisciplinary degree programs, policy-relevant research with a strong theoretical foundation, and regular interaction with practitioners.

Founded in 1990, the School enrolls more than 400 students in its bachelor’s of science, professional master’s, and research-focused doctoral programs. Twenty-two full-time faculty members teach and conduct research on a broad array of topics with a particular focus on how technological innovations affect national security, economic competitiveness, and prospects for international cooperation and conflict.

The School offers overseas programs in Europe, Asia, and Latin America and a variety of outreach programs including the Sam Nunn Bank of America Policy Forum. The School also houses the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy—a policy-relevant, action-oriented research center.

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs envisions three clear and challenging missions in the years ahead: 1) educating the next generation of scientists, engineers, and policy specialists for careers in public service and the private and nonprofit sectors; 2) producing and disseminating research that informs policy; and 3) sponsoring public programs that examine and offer innovative solutions to critical issues facing the state, region, and world.

Senator Nunn has said, “Bridges must be built between the world of science and the world of human relations, bridges which can give shape and purpose to our technology and breathe heart and soul into our knowledge.” The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs is building those bridges. We hope you will join us.