BBC | GA2 | The United Kingdom gains allies in GA2 by promoting economic gains and environmental protections in the Arctic Sea

BBC | GA2 | The United Kingdom gains allies in GA2 by promoting economic gains and environmental protections in the Arctic Sea

October 14th, 2019 | The United Kingdom championed the rights of indigenous people and promoted preventative measures against climate change by introducing Draft Resolution 1.2 to GA 2, which discussed today the economic significance of Northern Sea Routes. Although the main topic was purely economic, the United Kingdom, along with the United States, Chad, Poland,

NBC | GA3 | Expanding access of education for women

October 14th, 2019 | In General Assembly 3 countries discussed the movement for implementing women into educational systems as well as assessing how women can join the workforce. While discussing this topic various countries brought up different ways of incorporating women into more modernized standards while not necessarily disregarding traditional values in developing nations.  Mexico

Polska Agencja Prasowa |DISEC | Building Infrastructure vs. Quick Solutions: Finding a Way to Combat Chemical Warfare in Water Supply

October 14th, 2019 | In the Disarmament and International Security Committee, there has been debate over whether short term solutions to disinfecting chemicals in water are more beneficial, or whether long-term infrastructure-building plans would be better. At the start of debate, countries like Spain, Chad, and Pakistan opposed plans that proposed building infrastructure, claiming that

News24 | WHO | Preventing Pollution of Drinking Water Sources

A little girl carrying a water pitcher on her head dips the large vase-shaped container into a local nearby river. Murky light brown liquid fills the container as she uses her free hand to take out large plastics and trash. Although she knew that the water was not completely clean she knew there were no

Rossiyskaya Gazeta | AU | Clean Water? It Might Be Harder to Achieve

There is tension in the African Union. Debating over the pressing issue of access to clean water in the member states, the differing solutions divided the small committee into two blocs: the LIFE initiative and a plan led by Nigeria and Botswana. Although the debate has cooled down, the blocs are racing to finish their

Telam | SC | Protest of Pollution in Major Cities

The Security Council has been debating multiple topics in their sessions: a recent terrorist attack by the group ALF who dumped trash into major waterways in 4 different cities, and a revelation that an unknown spy drone was flown over Indonesia. A debate sparked in which most of the delegates blamed China for the creation