Rossiyskaya Gazeta | SC | Breaking News: A Possible War, Jewish Pirates, French Embassy Bombing, and Ebola Outbreak

*** DISCLAIMER: This article is complete fiction and is used for the purpose of a Model United Nations crisis simulation. This article does not represent the views of any country, nor does it represent any factual information***

October 14th, 2019 | BREAKING NEWS | The Security Council was just informed admist discussing solutions to maritime piracy, a Palestinian boat in the Red Sea was attacked by pirates. In response to South Africa’s imperialist acts, Moscow sent the Russian Navy to rival South Africa’s navy off the coast of Somalia. The French Embassy in Indonesia has been bombed. The Ebola outbreak reported in a Chinese airport has now been contained, but has spread to an airport in Canada. Officials say, however, “the issue is completely contained in Canada”. 

Russia’s tensions with South Africa have undoubtedly escalated dramatically. The claims from the Russian delegation that “the flag of the country on the ship must be responsible for the punishment of the pirates” contrasted with South Africa’s motives to allow some piracy to occur. Some delegates of the council called for the use of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) to database information that can be essential to combating piracy. 

Tensions between the United States and China occurred over a misunderstanding that China believes it is directly affected by Somolia. Debate between the delegations brought many layers to the issue and left an overall confusion. A unified solution is unlikely to happen. Global incidents prompted an unprecedented response from South Africa and Indonesia. What results out of these incidents will not only affect maritime piracy, but security in the world as a whole. 

The Security Council is keeping a lookout for the conflict between Russia and South Africa. The delegate from Russia claimed “Even though they [South Africa] seem like they bring nothing but good intentions, they are actually promoting imperialism.”