Telam | SC | Protest of Pollution in Major Cities

The Security Council has been debating multiple topics in their sessions: a recent terrorist attack by the group ALF who dumped trash into major waterways in 4 different cities, and a revelation that an unknown spy drone was flown over Indonesia. A debate sparked in which most of the delegates blamed China for the creation of the drone, citing evidence that the drone was created using Chinese parts. China’s response was an admission of guilt, but they claimed to have help from the United States. However, the United States fully rejected that idea, referring to the poor manufacturing of the drone. 

There was also debate amongst the Dominican Republic and Russia about the intentions of ALF, the organization who polluted the major waterways. The Dominican Republic felt ALF did not intend harm; in fact, the opposite. All “attacks” of ALF were non-violent; they were a protest. However, Russia countered with the fact that ALF protested by polluting major cities and thus diminishing tourism. The decline of tourism has many negative side effects including the loss of jobs and economic revenue. Russia’s main idea was ALF cannot counteract pollution by creating it. The caucus did not come to a conclusion.