Deutsche Press-Agentur | GA 6 | Germany’s Stance on Demilitarization in the South China Sea

In GA 6, while discussing various solutions to the issue of militarization in the South China Sea with countries such as France, the United Kingdom,  Brazil, and Belgium, the German delegation has expressed its utmost priority, while resolving the issue, is ensuring that the economy and trade of Germany through the South China sea is not affected by the tensions in the area. China’s use of military force in other countries is a pressing issue and has gotten the attention of countries that rely on the area for trade. 

While pushing for free commercial trade through the South China Sea and the monitoring of the surrounding islands that are being largely affected by China’s military, Germany’s delegate believes that it is in Germany’s best interest to protect its own economy while demilitarizing and striving for peace within the region.

“The biggest thing we want to ensure is that the economy won’t be affected and that trade routes aren’t affected by the fighting.”, says the German delegate. “We want to make sure that we don’t get tariffed…and we want peace”.

Even though many countries believe that Germany and other large countries are overstepping their boundaries when creating solutions to the South China Sea issue, the delegate feels as though, as important as peace is, it is also important to keep their rights to trade through the sea and keep their economy safe.