Polska Agencja Prasowa | IMO | Agreement in the CTSD

October 15th, 2019 | In a surprising turn of events, the delegates of the CTSD committee have been working together to produce one draft resolution on the topic of Leveraging Emerging Technology to Improve Food Security. All of the delegates have been working on individual working papers that the delegates have decided to pass in conjunction. The Dominican Republic stated, “Every country wants to find ways to improve food, it’s not even a question, so we all decided to band together and work towards the same goals in different ways that everyone can get behind. Delegates have been debating whether bugs or fish are better sources of food, however these are simply clarifying debates that do not pose a threat to the decorum created in the room.

Seeing the delegates work together without fighting on the minute details was a refreshing turn of events for a conference filled with developed countries and developing countries debating over countless hours. It is vital that delegates are cautious and make sure every paper passed is ready to be implemented, yet there is a sort of calm, comforting sense of decorum in the CTSD room that gives one hope for a unified international community. It is a long way away, and it will take countless years and debates, but perhaps, when we as humans are tested, our nations’ leaders will in fact band together for our sake, fulfilling the purpose for which the UN was created.