Saudi Gazette | IMO | Heated Debates Between World Trade Leaders and Other Countries

October 15th, 2019 | The Arctic Sea routes are maritime paths used to navigate the entire Arctic and consists of the Northeast Passage, Northwest passage, and the Transpolar Sea routes, all of which connect the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. There are international maritime laws for the Arctic Sea routes, however, more and more vessels pass through these trade routes throughout the year, which increases the amount of pollution created. 

Water pollution is an international problem that all countries deal with, however because the Arctic Sea routes connects the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, a majority of water pollution problems occur here. World trade leaders such as the United States and Canada are huge contributors to this pollution, and they are willing to compromise on the resolution of 1.1. However, although Canada believes in compromising on the resolution of 1.1, they are concerned about the corruption within the resolution as it restricts the trade of world leaders, which in turn will harm their economy. 

The Malaysia delegate states that resolution 1.2 is a complete failure as it does not solve any problems nor includes any new solutions. Resolution 1.1 is heavily favored in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada, all who are world trade leaders because 1.1 allows those countries to continue their world trade without restricting them, however, the smaller countries favor 1.2 because it provides more of a fair balance of trade.