IAEA (Advanced, Mid-sized)

TOPIC 1: The Future of Uranium Enrichment & Diplomacy

Uranium enrichment is a critical process for the production of nuclear energy and weapons. The potential for nuclear proliferation and the geopolitical implications of uranium enrichment has led to complex diplomatic challenges. This problem highlights the need for international cooperation and responsible nuclear policies that balance energy needs and security concerns while minimizing the risk of nuclear conflict. Additionally, there is growing support for continued research into alternative and sustainable energy sources to reduce reliance on uranium and other non-renewable resources.”

TOPIC 2: Regulations and Preventions of Dirty Bombs

“Dirty bombs, or radiological dispersal devices (RDDs), pose a significant threat to public safety and national security. These devices combine conventional explosives with radioactive material, which can spread contamination over a wide area. The potential for terrorist groups to acquire and use dirty bombs highlights the urgent need for effective regulations and prevention measures, including secure storage and transportation of radioactive materials, enhanced detection capabilities, and coordinated emergency response plans.”