Xinhua News Agency-ILO-Discussion of Sustainable Practices in International Companies

At the commencement of the International Labor Organization Committee, there was a unanimous push to implement sustainable practices which would help slow climate warming. Countries such as Poland, Iceland, and the Netherlands expressed their interest in collaborating with international companies to implement sustainable production practices. As a major hub of international trade, we here in China believe that there should be a collaboration between companies worldwide. 

However, sustainable practices that work for one company will not necessarily work for another, so there must be a unanimous decision on what policy would work best. As the delegate in this committee stated, China is home to 130 out of the 500 international fortune 500 companies. This is over ⅓, and many of these companies have been in practice for multiple decades. Because we have been so successful, it is clear that our companies have a firm grasp on how to maintain sustainable practices.

In the future, China predicts that 25% of our energy will come from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030, and we overachieved the solar capacity of 1,200GW, with ours being 1,650GW. China has a clear vision and strong motive for sustainable practices and has inspired many other countries to follow suit.