Rastriya Samachar Smiti – GA PLEN – Silence for Loss.

As a landlocked nation, Nepal cannot fully understand how difficult it is to maintain the integrity of coastal cities, as the closest thing they have is river cities such as Pakalihawa. Unlike river cities, coastal cities contain access to large bodies of water, causing flooding and storm surges, damaging the city greatly by the loss of lives and infrastructure. With this in mind, in GA Plenary, the Nepalese delegates proposed a 15-minute moment of silence to acknowledge the losses from coastal cities and their lack of integrity. This sparked great chaos in the committee, as many were blown away by Nepal’s efforts to help those who are hurt by this lack of integrity as they are not a coastal city themselves. As this motion was not passed, the debate continued. 

Currently, there are two plans in debate hoping to be put into effect. The Life Plan: sponsored by Russia, Brazil, and the UK, looks to hand out micro-loans to help build the integrity of coastal cities, not supporting smaller, less developed countries, which need funding to build integrity. The second plan, the Equal-by-Equal plan, helps these smaller, less developed countries that the prior plan does not help support. Therefore, to help out similarly developed countries that are on the coast, Nepal supports the Equal-by-Equal plan to prevent the loss of lives and infrastructure in coastal cities by building their integrity.