Latvian News Agency – GA 3 – Causes of Food Insecurity

The United Nations General Assembly came together this Monday to discuss the causes of food insecurity. This issue can be seen in our everyday life when we visit the supermarket, see the fishermen’s nets, and even open our own kitchen cabinets. The lack of food on the shelves due to warring states, economic downfall, farming failures, and slow supply chain have already led to issues like “famine and store shortages”, The Philippine representative said. Over the course of time, these problems are likely to shift to more major complications like lack of nutrient intake, and extreme poverty. A delegate from Zambia stated that “Funding from wealthier countries to the less fortunate nations would be one of the best ways to help this food crisis.” She also stated that “Climate change is one of the biggest problems, especially to a society where the main diet consists of seafood.” This can be seen in our country of Latvia where our fish population is slowly decreasing. Soon enough, most if not all of our sea animals will disappear. When speaking with the Latvian delegate, he told me that “Latvia is one of the smaller countries in Europe, we are richer than other Euro countries and we could provide aid to them by feeding them more economic power to put towards food shortages.” If the United Nations does not eventually put its foot down and actually put in some effort, many more countries will continue to struggle.