Keystone (SDA) – UNHCR – How Switzerland is Dealing with Refugees

Throughout the world the problem of refugees coming into countries is prominent. This problem is seen very often in the US. The US has had a few ideas to keep the refugees from Mexico out, one is building a wall, but this idea is not very ideal. Instead, the US has decided to go and bring up the mental health of the refugees, help their families, and give them better conditions. After this is done, they will send them back to Mexico. This plan is called the “Dearest Plan”. The Dearest Plan was created by countries like France, Egypt, Croatia, and many others. This plan will hopefully eliminate many refugees having to deal with not being let in or not having a good living space. Croatia is not stopping at the Dearest Plan though, Croatia has decided to Relocate, Educate, and rehabilitate refugees in their country. In Switzerland, our plan is to do very similar things. We plan to rehabilitate, relocate and make sure that all refugees go back better than they came here. We hope that once all refugees have been helped that problems with them will be resolved. The situation we are in currently does not give us many refugees though. With that in mind, our plan is to take in the excess people that major countries like the US can’t take in and do the same things to rehabilitate and improve mental health. The reason that we can’t get refugees is that we are not in a position where our neighboring countries have refugees.