Jordan News Agency (PETRA) – UN Women – World Wide Unpaid Domestic Care

At the UN Women’s conference, the topic of unpaid domestic work/care, especially among women, was discussed and debated as various countries worked to find solutions. Brazil and Russia were major leaders in the conversation. Education looked to be a popular topic among the committee, for both mothers and children. Ideas such as creating opportunities for children to get an education in order for parents to be able to work, or educating parents to enable them to obtain higher paying jobs and provide for those under their care better were frequently discussed and elaborated on. Women are regularly tasked with care, so the suggestion of encouraging men to participate in care also came up.

Brazil collaborated with countries such as Ukraine, Ethiopia, and the United Kingdom to create the FACES plan that focused on education and empowerment. We spoke to countries such as the representative for Poland on their views on this topic and got an interesting insight into the thoughts of political leaders during this committee. Because the burden of caring for others while struggling to finance it all is a challenge among both developing and developed countries, the gathering of country representatives on this topic is necessary. In the country of Jordan, care for those such as the elderly, children, and disabled individuals are frequently attributed to women, but the unemployment rate for women is high, and wage gaps are very prevalent, so it is difficult to provide for those under their care. This issue is clearly one that is imperative among Jordanian citizens, so the country of Jordan is quickly looking to mend it.