Finnish News Organization – GA 6 – United Nations Conversation on New Technologies: Finland Delegates Comment

The issue of personality rights in regard to deep fakes and virtual reality is on the table in General Assembly 6 of the UN conference commencing in Atlanta today. Our Finnish delegates are taking a strong stance on neutrality regarding the issue. One delegate noted: “We are committed to collaboration and peaceful measures when tackling the uptick in AI and deep fakes. Finland wants unity and accountability.” Though certain parties were staunch proponents of either outright bans on the technology or the embrace of the “technological renaissance”, as the Irish delegate put it, Finland has thus far exhibited a resolute stance of moderation. This falls in line with the existing Finnish legislature, dictating that “interference with the activities of the media shall be legitimate only in so far as it is unavoidable, taking due note of the importance of the freedom of expression in a democracy subject to the rule of law”, per the Ministry of Justice. As it stands, Finland has thus far exhibited no interest in outright banning falsifiable technologies, regarding personal expression and freedoms as points of greater interest at this time. 

Amongst other nations championing censorship, the Republic of Finland continues to place an emphasis on the maintenance of freedom of expression and the exercise of these freedoms. Some argue that the laws regarding deep fakes are outdated, however, Finland’s measured response and existing success demonstrate the efficacy of how our nation has dealt.