Belarus News – GA 6 – General Assembly on Legal Matters Calls for Updated Privacy Laws Regarding Deep Fakes

As the legal General assembly of the Annual United Nations communes, tensions are high between delegates over the reform of tech laws regarding the rise of deep fakes and the “technological renaissance.” The Russian delegation has assured the committee of its focus on internet privacy laws on its behalf and argues that privacy laws instituted by the UN are vague by comparison. In an unsurprising move, most delegates emphasize the need for reform in laws regarding deep fakes and privacy. The representative from Ireland argues the current international standard is “outdated” as this topic was further discussed in a 15-minute unmoderated caucus. 

The leading Belarusian delegate focused on the real underlying issues plaguing the committee. “We need accountability,” the delegate cautioned a Belarus News representative and stressed the idea that Western countries such as Finland are abusing loopholes in current laws. The Russian delegation has shown they are at the head of the pack in the reduction of deep fakes and the harm they cause. The Russian delegate highlighted how this topic aligned with the right to be forgotten and how information should be privileged. The delegate argued that private information should be able to be removed from the internet without consequence. 

In a conversation with said Russian delegate, the Belarusian delegate agreed that most privacy laws stem strictly from freedom of speech legislation and need to be updated, increased, and modernized to adapt to this new age of technology.