Yonhap News Agency | GA6 | A Potential Solution to the Tensions in the South China Sea

ATLANTA, Oct. 14 – The South China Sea is one of the busiest and most significant waterways in the world, due to the region’s abundance of natural resources and trade; however, many nearby countries dispute who has claimed over the territory.  These include China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia, but recently, China has expanded its claim on the South China Sea with the use of its military, which has caused high tensions between nations around the world. 

The United Nations GA6 committee is currently discussing potential solutions to this urgent issue.  South Korea has aligned with Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon on a proposed resolution that will encourage “dialogue between countries.”  The priority for them is solving the issue of arbitration with China, rather than demilitarization, which remains the sole focus of many other delegates’ resolutions.  Nevertheless, the South Korean delegate believes the solution’s main goal should be creating economic openness and freedom of navigation. Based on the current debate, South Korea may soon be involved in the creation of a small committee that will set a basic code for negotiations. 

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