Yonhap News Agency | GA1 | APE: A Plan to Protect Water Supply from Chemical Warfare with Accountability, Prevention, and Education in GA1

October 15th, 2019 | The United States, Belgium, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Canada have been working in GA1 to form the Accountability, Prevention, and Education plan or the APE plan. The APE plan aims to protect public and private water facilities from chemical weapon attacks with the use of investigative bodies, data systems, and other techniques.

One part of the resolution involves supporting the “Wheels for Water” initiative, which provides nations with color disk kits for testing water quality. The plan also involves starting the “Safe Hydration through Education” Initiative, which would focus on educating government leaders and civilians on chemical and water management and the dangers of contaminated water.

Both Israel and Bolivia have raised concern over a clause that “urges nations to dispose of any remaining chemical weapons stockpiles,” and the delegate from Israel believes the clause is “highly idealistic.”  However, the delegate from Belgium has stated that the section is included solely to “remind nations that a precedent exists” and that nations must “fully commit to global chemical disarmament.” This promising resolution will be voted on later today.

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