Kuwait News Agency | GA 2 | Free Use of Unclaimed Water Called Into Question

In GA 2, the issue of the right to use Arctic waters was discussed among the assembled delegates. Thailand, Korea, and other prominent Asian countries argued for tariffs and other trade agreements to promote a more regulated usage of these waters among countries that wish to do so. The regulations include incentives to be more environmentally conscious, considerate to smaller countries, and to treat workers fairly. This plan is intended to grant these countries their economic sovereignty while still promoting cooperation. This was exemplified by Thailand’s delegate stating, “They have a right to pollute their own waters.” States may do as they please within their own boundaries, however, these regulations would come into play when states choose to utilize the trade routes.

China has aligned itself with many of the relatively underrepresented third world countries present to advocate for loose restrictions on comparatively unregulated usage of the northern waters. The State of Kuwait is in agreement with and has helped develop said plan. Early on, it was suggested that the land surrounding these waters should be partitioned off and given to the natives of the surrounding land, however, it was quickly abandoned when there wasn’t much interest expressed.