Kuwait News Agency | CSTD | The unorthodox solution proposed in response to the water crisis

October 14th, 2019 | A controversial suggestion has arisen within CSTD in the wake of the water crisis, striking both developed and undeveloped nations. The United States delegate has suggested the widespread implementation of “bug farms” as a water-friendly alternative to traditional livestock feed.

The plan has been met with mixed reactions from fellow delegates with some of the opinion that it is innovative and others finding it primitive and comical. Kazakhstan was quick to correct anything that they perceived as a misunderstanding, stating, “You must consider that the bug farms are not, in fact, raising bugs to be eaten for human consumption, but to feed to animals.” 

However, many still found the plan ludicrous, with Australia stating, “We waste so much time discussing the bug farms when, even if it worked, wouldn’t make enough of a difference for us to be using so much mental energy discussing the bug farms.” 

The block consisting of countries such as Mexico, Australia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom were fairly insistent and moving further from the point of discussion, yet it persisted as a hot button issue for the remainder of the conference. 

“So the problem is that farmers like to stick to conventional methods of feeding their livestock and farmers in developing nations aren’t just gonna start feeding their livestock bugs,” claimed the United Kingdom, to which the United States countered, “I know we keep talking about the bug farms but they aren’t the only thing mentioned in our paper, however, these farmers in developing nations don’t have the money or water to keep feeding their livestock in a traditional manner, bug farms are a valuable solution.”