About Us

Georgia Tech Model United Nations (GTMUN) strives to provide students with a forum in which they can actively interact with international affairs, politics and relations. Model UN allows students to apply nearly any academic skill set to a variety of situations. For example, a Nuclear Engineer may be tasked with developing reasonable international nuclear energy goals or laws in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Or perhaps a History major will be tasked with utilizing their understanding of historical intricacies to attempt to alter the War of the Roses’ progression and instead attempt to discover a peaceful resolution rather than creating a war-barren landscape. Regardless of a student’s major, Model UN allows all participants to express themselves creatively as they attempt to address pressing international concerns, alter historical truths or fight for future interests.
In order to facilitate this, Georgia Tech attends a number of collegiate Model UN competitions throughout the fall and spring semesters. We have attended competitions at Harvard University, Duke University, the University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, in addition to having participated in the National Model United Nations conference in New York, which is hosted within the United Nations’ International Headquarters. GTMUN is dedicated to sending its students to a variety of conferences around the country, and as members of a  nationally ranked program, Georgia Tech Model United Nations students are among the best-equipped to succeed at any conference they elect to attend. Members of the program also assist in running the GTMUN High School conference. Further information about the high school conference can be found within the GTMUN tab.