CSTD (All levels, Mid-sized)

TOPIC 1: Ethical Concerns of Genetically Modified Organisms

“Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become increasingly prevalent in food production, offering potential benefits such as increased crop yields and resistance to pests and disease. However, there are growing concerns about the potential ethical implications of GMOs, including the long-term impacts on human health and the environment, as well as the potential for corporate control of the food system. This committee will focus on the call for transparency and ethical guidelines in the development and use of GMOs.”

TOPIC 2: Fast Fashion— The Modern Silk Road

The fast fashion industry, characterized by low-cost, quickly produced clothing that mimics runway styles, has significant social, economic, and environmental impacts. The demand for cheap and trendy clothing has led to exploitative labor practices, environmental degradation, and waste accumulation. This committee hopes to create policies addressing unsustainable and unethical fashion practices, in order to promote a more responsible and equitable fashion industry.”