Telam | SC | Protest of Pollution in Major Cities

Telam | SC | Protest of Pollution in Major Cities

The Security Council has been debating multiple topics in their sessions: a recent terrorist attack by the group ALF who dumped trash into major waterways in 4 different cities, and a revelation that an unknown spy drone was flown over Indonesia. A debate sparked in which most of the delegates blamed China for the creation

NBC | WHO | Mexico, New Zealand, Iraq, Morocco, and Canada present the “HIPE Plan” to prevent drinking water pollution and improve the quality of current water sources

In the “World Health Organization”, many nations from around the world met to discuss the growing concern of clean water access. Fresh water is not unlimited and nations are finding that certain countries, especially developing nations, are struggling to supply their citizens access to clean drinking water. Nations present took various stances on how to

Saudi Gazette | GA6 | South China Sea Disputes Regarding Solutions

Disputes over the South China Sea has been an ongoing problem, with China claiming that they have the ultimate right to the world trade route with proof of ancient documents. However, other countries such as Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam have all come forward demanding their rights to own part of the

Rossiyskaya Gazeta | GA6 | Tackling Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea

The Sixth General Assembly is discussing possible solutions to territorial disputes in the South China Sea. This significant body of water is one of the world’s busiest trading regions. Several states accuse China of illegally claiming territorial rights from Western and other South Asian nations, giving rise to a spirited debate between the respective delegations. 

BBC | CTSD | Divide sprouts between undeveloped and developed countries in CSTD over Foreign Aid, Self-Sufficiency

Undeveloped countries expressed distrust towards their developed counterparts during the Commission on Science and Technology for Development’s discussions today. On determining the impact of technological change on water security, they cited the ineffectiveness of social media campaigns and the debt undertaken by countries who receive aid from developed countries. The divide created two distinct perspectives: