2023 Secretariat

Secretary-General: Amanda Valencia

(she/her), 4th year

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda Valencia, and I am a 4th year International Affairs major with a minor in Business & Technology. Although my heart is in Atlanta, I enjoy putting myself in new environments. I have traveled to many different countries as well as participated in Georgia Tech’s EU study abroad program in Europe. Aside from my involvement in Model UN, I am a research assistant at the Center for European and Transatlantic Studies (CETS), the director of membership for the undergraduate consulting club, a member of Greek life, and a teaching assistant for mathematics & language arts classes for young adults wanting to obtain their GEDs. I also love cats having volunteered at Furkids in my younger years.

I am so pleased to be working with a talented Secretariat this year:

Administrative Team

USG of Administration: Katherine Book

(she/her), 4th year

Hello everyone! My name is Katherine Book. I’m a 4th year Biochemistry student. This is my fourth year in the GTMUN Program, and my third year on the GTMUN HS Secretariat. I’m from San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!) A bit about me: I love to travel! I studied abroad in Lyon, France, in summer ’22, and in Barcelona, Spain, in fall ’22. One of my bucket list items is to visit every continent (currently at 4!) On campus you can find me in Greek life and the Public Health Student Association when I’m not doing MUN. My favorite committee to participate in is the World Health Organization!

AUSG of Administration: Amith Shetty

(he/him), 2nd year

Hey everyone! My name is Amith Shetty, and I’m a 2nd-year computer science major from Mount Olive, New Jersey serving as the AUSG of Administration. This is my first time serving on the GTMUN Secretariat and I’m beyond excited, as I love doing MUN and planning, hosting, and organizing conferences! Other than MUN, I enjoy spending time outdoors, doing things like hiking, swimming, and canoeing. I’m also in club cross country and love long-distance running. Also, I love to travel, and I hope to visit at least 5 different countries within the next 5 years!

Policy Team

USG of Policy: Noor Jaleel

(she/her), 4th year

Hello Delegates!! My name is Noor Jaleel and I am a fourth year Public Policy major with a Japanese and Global Development Minor. This will be my 3rd year in GTMUN and my second year as the GTMUN Policy USG. I am also the Head Delegate for the GTMUN collegiate team. Outside of model un, I am also a Research Assistant with Sustainable Megaregions at Tech. I am an avid plant nerd, tea enthusiast, and fiction/fantasy writer. I’m honored to be your policy USG again and good luck!

AUSG of Policy: Naya Wooldridge

(she/her), 2nd year

Hi everyone! My name is Naya Valdivieso-Wooldridge and I am a second-year Nuclear Engineering major here at Georgia Tech. This will be my second year as a part of the collegiate MUN team and my second time directing at this conference. Outside of MUN, I play basketball on the college club team and participate in Greek Life. A fun fact about me is that I took a gap year after high school working and traveling. I spent most of my time in Europe and Central America so the next stop on my travel bucket list is Asia! I’m looking forward to hearing all of your new and interesting ideas and can’t wait to see all of you this fall!

Logistics Team

USG of Logistics: Isaac Song

(he/him), 2nd year

Hey everyone! I’m Isaac Song and I will be serving as the USG Logistics for GTMUN XXIV. I am a second-year Computer Science student with information internetworks and intelligence as my threads. I’m originally from the Bay Area but have lived all around the world since, with many years in Taipei, Austin, and Dallas before coming to Atlanta for Tech (I also just did a summer semester at Berlin!). This will be my 6th year of participating in Model UN and I think I still feel the same giddy excitement that drew me to it all those years ago. Alongside my role as USG Logistics for GTMUN, I also serve as the Operations Chair for the program. Outside of Model UN, I am also a member of the Yellow Jacket Fencing Team and am active in the startup scene around Atlanta. In my freetime not obsessing about Model UN, I’ll probably be talking geeking out to someone about my newest fixation or up late at night doing funny coding things. As USG Logistics, I will be busy in the background and making sure everything works smoothly. I can’t wait to see you all on campus and I wish you all the best of experiences!

AUSG of Logistics: Parker Alderman

(he/they), 2nd year

Hello everyone! My name is Parker Alderman (he/they) and I am a second-year International Affairs and Modern Languages: French major with a minor in Public Policy pursuing a Pre-Law Certificate! I am currently participating in the inaugural program of Tech’s study abroad at home program GT@DC. Aside from my role as a part of the Logistics team for the GTMUN Secretariat, I am new to MUN and served as our New Member Representative during the previous Spring semester. I am also a facilitator for the Queer and Trans People of Color Chat at the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center and have participated in our GTNAACP! A fun fact about me: I have challenged myself to try something completely new each semester and have already been a part of and continue to be a part of a few amazing organizations including the Yellow Jacket Roller Derby Team, ORGT Bikepacking, etc. I am a major Marvel, DC, anime, legal drama, and heist movie nerd. You can usually find me hanging out with friends, night driving with vibey music, or unwinding with a movie or show in one of the aforementioned interest areas in an Eco-commons hammock with my crochet needles and yarn in hand! I am extremely excited to work with my fellow members of our Model UN team to make this conference amazing for all of you.

AUSG of Logistics: Carissa Lucas

(she/her), 3rd year

Hello, everyone! My name is Carissa Lucas, and I’m one of the Assistant USGs of Logistics. I am a third-year Biomedical Engineering student with a Computing and Intelligence minor. Outside of Tech, I volunteer at Emory University Hospital Midtown and the Georgia Aquarium. I also enjoy hiking, scuba diving, and archery! I love to travel too, and I have studied abroad in France, Singapore, and Ireland and visited over 25 countries. I’m excited to work with you all to make this a wonderful conference!

Finance Team

USG of Finance: Sharon Arulpragasam

(she/her), 3rd year

Hello everyone! My name is Sharon Arulpragasam. I am a 3rd year Economics and International Affairs major and I am the USG of Finance! I’m from Northern Virginia. Some of my interests are in developmental economics and monetary policy. I’m excited to study this summer 23′ in a European Union Study Abroad, visiting institutions like NATO and SHAPE Headquarters. I love to dance and I am on GT Nazaaqat as the Team Manager. You can find me on campus in the CULC or the Student Center!

AUSG of Finance: Joe Gaffigan

(he/him), 4th year

My name is Joe Gaffigan, and I am a fourth-year student at Georgia Tech. I am currently pursuing a degree in International Affairs and Modern Languages, with a particular focus on Japanese. Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by different cultures and languages, and my passion for learning about them has only grown over time. Outside of my academic pursuits, I have a few hobbies that keep me busy. Photography is one of my passions, and I enjoy capturing moments of beauty and wonder through my camera lens. I also have a love for speed and enjoy racing cars in my spare time. It’s a thrilling hobby that requires a lot of skill and concentration, but I enjoy the challenge it presents. Finally, I love playing music with my friends, and we enjoy jamming together whenever we can. I look forward to serving as your AUSG of Finance!

Crisis Team

USG of Crisis: Jonah Isaza

(he/him), 2nd year

My name is Jonah Isaza, and I’m a second-year aerospace engineering major with a minor in computer science! Outside of MUN, I’m an undergraduate research assistant with two labs at Georgia Tech, and I’m a member of the Yellow Jacket Space Program. GTMUN was my first high school conference all those years ago, and this year will be the best yet. Crisis is my favorite format for Model UN, and I’m looking forwards to the opportunity to direct it!

AUSG of Crisis: Andy Yu

(he/him), 3rd year

Hi, my name is Andy Yu, and I am a third-year Computer Science major. This is my second year in the GTMUN program and my first year on the GTMUN HS Secretariat. I grew up in San Diego, CA. Other than Model UN, I’m an officer in Tech’s Dungeons and Dragons Club, and I also do some video game modding and creative writing on the side. I’m excited to be AUSG Crisis for this year’s GTMUN, and I can’t wait to see what amazing directives you write!

Press Corps Team

USG of the Press Corps: Neal Yates

(he/him), 2nd year

Hey guys! My name is Neal Yates and I’m a second-year International Affairs major, pursuing a minor in Spanish. As a member of GT’s Model United Nations Program, I try to broaden my horizons by being exposed to new ideas, viewpoints, and discussions, all of which are facilitated by my amazing supportive teammates that provide for a wonderful experience. Apart from MUN, I am also involved with the Cleanup Crew wherein we go around picking up trash every couple of weeks in attempts to provide for a better campus environment. I enjoy spending time with my family by playing Scrabble, cards, or getting hooked on a new TV show. I also have fun playing and watching tennis, hanging out with my friends, and doing crosswords. I am an avid lover of tea and any correlated snack, whether it be the heart-warming decadence of coffee cake and banana bread, or the classics of shortbread and Parle Gs. I look forward to working with all of you as the USG of the Press Corps!

AUSG of the Press Corps: Morgan Kang

(he/him), 2nd year

Hey yall! My name is Morgan Kang and I am a second year History, Technology, and Society major at Georgia Tech! This is my second year doing Model United Nations, and I’ve been having fun and loving every moment of MUN! Outside of MUN, I am a part of Ivan Allen College’s Student Ambassadors where we lead recruitment events for liberal arts majors at Georgia Tech. I love watching baseball (and continuously trying to learn how to play it), binge-watching Parks and Recreation, and baking macarons! I am so excited to be a part of the group as the AUSG of the Press Corps to make this conference amazing for everyone!

We’re all working hard to make this conference as rewarding and fun an experience for you as delegates and faculty as possible. I hope that you will join us in preparation and excitement for an amazing GTMUN HS 2023!