Thank you for your interest in the GTMUN 2018 High School Conference. Early registration for the Conference will open April 2, 2018! 


2, April, 2018: Early registration opens

30 April 2018: Early registration closes

1 May, 2018: Regular registration opens

31 May, 2018: Background Guides posted

14 September 2018: Registration closes

21 September, 2018: School fees due

    21 September 2018: Position Papers due

    28 September, 2018: Last day to request a refund

8-9 October, 2018: GTMUN High School Conference

Conference Fees

Information will be available soon

Country Assignment

This year, as part of our continued effort to improve the educational experience and mirror the realities of international diplomacy, we will be prioritizing regional diversity in country assignments. In the registration form, schools will be asked to choose countries from several pre-defined regions based on the regional markers used by the United Nations. Schools must choose one country from each region before they can choose from the same region. We appreciate your support in this initiative provide your delegates with more global diversity.

Countries will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. When possible, allied delegations will not be assigned to the same school and there will only be one Security Council state assigned per school. Each month, schools will be allowed to register for up to 4 additional delegations.

Please review the list of delegations at GTMUN and take careful note of the restricting number of delegates for each delegation before completing the registration form online. All delegations will be represented in the General Assembly committees. Most delegations will be represented by one delegate in each committee. However, some committees will be allowed to bring two delegates per country.

Delegation Matrix 

Click here to access the 2018 delegation matrix