GTMUN 2017 Committees


Press Corps

Acting as an alternative to the traditional GTMUN committees, the Press Corps mimics the involvement that the media plays in global citizenship and awareness. Participants will use their writing and photography skills to report on the goings on of the conference and provide their own unique perspective modeled after international media groups. Delegates involved in the GTMUN Press Corps Program will work together to create a one-of-a-kind mock press release.
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North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Topic 1: NATO – Russia relations

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Specialized Committees

Security Council

Topic 1: Addressing foreign manipulation of domestic political institutions

Topic 2: Civil conflicts in central Africa

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World Health Organization

Topic 1: Combating bioterrorism

Topic 2: Addressing the rising costs of pharmaceuticals

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Commission on Science and Technology for Development 

Topic 1: Preventing the exploitation of social media by terrorist organizations

Topic 2: Protecting civilian access to Global Positioning Systems

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Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Topic 1: Defending against Islamophobia and anti-Islam rhetoric

Topic 2: Preventing sectarian violence in Member States

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United Nations Environment Programme

Topic 1: Establishing international standards for corporations to ensure environmental security

Topic 2: Developing a multilateral approach to endangered species protection

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United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Training Committee)

Topic 1: Securing access to education through the use of information and communication technologies

Topic 2: Expanding literacy to vulnerable populations and groups

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General Assembly

 There are six General Assembly (GA) Committees at our conference. These are GA 1st (DISEC), GA 2nd (ECOFIN), GA 3rd (SOCHUM), GA 4th (SPECPOL), and GA 6th (Legal). Additionally, a GA Plenary is offered at the conference. These committees are the main organs of the United Nations and each operates in its own area. Every country is represented in these committees. All numbered GA committees allow only one delegate per delegation; GA Plenary, however, allows two delegates per delegation.


GA1: Disarmament and International Security

Topic 1: Developing a multilateral approach to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation

Topic 2: Third-party intervention in internal conflicts

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GA2: Economic and Financial

Topic 1: Preventing another global banking crisis

Topic 2: Addressing the ethics of private industry receiving profits stemming from war

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GA3: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

Topic 1: Ensuring women’s security in post-conflict zones

Topic 2: Promoting non-governmental organizations access to conflict zones for humanitarian aid

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GA4: Special Political and Decolonization

Topic 1: Depoliticizing counter-terrorism policy

Topic 2: Addressing the implications of the global rise of populism

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GA6: Legal

Topic 1: Streamlining and articulating transnational standards for the asylum process

Topic 2: Establishing a legal framework for the legitimate military use of drones

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GA Plenary (Double Delegation)

Topic 1: Facilitating a more equitable distribution of political power among genders

Topic 2: The role and powers of peacekeeping forces

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